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Media Council collaboration with the Electoral Commission for well coordinated Media participation in the General Elections 2016

Tuesday, 9th February 2016
EC chairman addressing the Press

Media Council continues to join efforts with the Electoral Commission to achieve a well regulated, increased access to the public through the Media for the 2016 General elections in Uganda.

The Council currently is contributing to the Accreditation of foreign Journalists and local Media Houses. Journalists are required to apply to the Electoral Commission - for this purpose visit their website; after completing their accreditation with the Media Council.

Other Activities involving the Media Council has been carrying out consultations through region workshops to develop a regulatory framework for the Media.   

This is to recognize the central role the media it plays in the electoral process by providing the public with information on which to base their decisions, facilitating public debate on the choices before the voters and providing a voice to voters.

In addition it is to recognize that free, independent, responsible and pluralistic media are critical to advancing and sustaining democracy and peaceful, free and fair elections.

This is  according to the Constitution of Uganda and regulatory frameworks  which guarantee all citizens the right of freedom of speech and expression, which includes freedom of press and media, as well as the right of access to information.