Dispute Resolution
Press Freedom
Appropriate censorship
Improve Information Flow


The Council has the following functions:-

++ To regulate the conduct and promote good ethical standards and discipline of journalists.
++ To arbitrate disputes between the public and the media; and the State and the media.
++ Film classification
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Editors Registration Process

Media Council is conducting Editors registration update for all Mass Media organizations under Section 5 Press & Journalists Act, Cap. 105.

Particulars Prescribed by the Council to be submitted to the Secretary are:…..

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Press Accreditation

Section 29 (1) Press and Journalist Act 1995 provides that ;
No person being an employee of a foreign mass media organisation or working as a freelancer for that mass media shall practise journalism in Uganda unless he or she is in possession of an accreditation card issued by the council.

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Media Council on film Classification to promote the Industry

The Media Council continues to regulate the content of the film…

The Role of Media in Uganda Vision 2040 Boosted with Improved Capacity

The role of the media to contribute effectively to development…

A spotlight on quality of Ugandan media and public voice through training

Media Council has embarked on training trainers of Journalists…

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